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Helping you in 2022

Despite the current state of affairs, we hope you managed to enjoy some time with your loved ones over the Christmas-New Year period.  Unfortunately, this year hasn’t exactly kicked off as we would have hoped, with community transmission of COVID-19 at an all-time high and many people isolated as a result. We want you to know our main focus is helping you in 2022.

And so, it begins

However, 2022 has consisted of far more than just multiple strains of COVID.  Already this year, there has been a potential invasion of Ukraine, the trials and tribulations of the Australian Open, the RBA announcement keeping interest rates on hold, and so much more. In addition, we have the Winter Olympics just about to begin and numerous other significant events on the horizon!

During this time, our offices remain open, and our advisors are available to help clients with their needs across all areas of financial planning.  In addition, more appointments are being facilitated by telephone conferences when in-person appointments are not possible.

This year, we have received numerous enquiries regarding superannuation and the effect of a change in employment and salary sacrifice.  Many clients have been seeking advice to clarify the actual state of the financial market amidst media dramatisation and contradictions.

The market

We aim to share our knowledge and support with anyone who may be facing some of these circumstances.  We strive to do this because we genuinely care about our clients, and assisting them in achieving their financial goals is why we enjoy doing what we do!

The market is always going to have fluctuations.  It reflects all the ups and downs in the price of investments within a specific market.  These changes occur for various reasons, including economic health, the financial health of individual companies, and current events.

One of the most important things to remember about investment portfolios is a long-term investment.  If you look at it compared to a short period, it can be scary.  But it is essential to look at the LONG-TERM effects of the market, not only the short term.  Volatility in the short term can be minute when looking at the big picture.

Helping you in 2022

Our number one objective at Vogue Advisory Group is to be there for our clients.  Our purpose is to help our client achieve their financial goals.  When we achieve that purpose, it gives us a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment because we genuinely care about our clients.

Our goal in 2022 is to cultivate even closer relationships and stronger bonds with our clients.    We will be communicating regularly and want our clients to feel they can reach out to us whenever they need anything.

The road ahead

We have a strong team in place at Vogue Advisory Group.  The last two years enduring the curveballs the COVID pandemic has thrown our way has bonded us closer together and helped create a great culture within our firm.  

This year is set to be a busy and exciting one.  We are taking our client communications to the next level and delivering much more engaging, informative content on a much more regular basis.

As always, our clients remain our primary focus, so if there are any particular topics you would like more information on, just let us know.

Vogue Advisory Group – Helping you in 2022 and beyond

Vogue Advisory Group have a dedicated team of advisors and client support team members specialising in financial planning and passionate about assisting their clients to achieve their financial goals.

We are here to help you with all your financial needs in 2022.  If you need additional financial advice, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.