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Australia’s Superannuation Overhaul

The Australian government has recently announced a significant overhaul of the country’s $3.3 trillion dollar superannuation sector. The announcement was made by treasurer Jim Chalmers, who unveiled a consultation paper that aims to legislate a purpose for people’s retirement savings.


Retirement planning is often not a top priority for many of us when we receive our regular pay slips. Our employer automatically deducts a portion from our wage and puts it into our superannuation account, and we tend to look no further. This regular contribution is intended to accumulate into a significant sum for a secure retirement. However, the superannuation industry has never had a clear legislated objective for people’s retirement savings. In 2020, the Morrison Government took advantage of the legal framework and permitted Australians to withdraw from their superannuation to pay for their living expenses or to utilise the funds to purchase their first home. As we approach almost three years onward of the Morrison Government’s decision, the superannuation sector is now facing the consequences, and the outlook for secure retirement savings appears to be bleak for many.

What is the proposal?

The government has signaled that it plans to cap superannuation tax concessions for people with high retirement balances and crack down on employers who are not paying their worker’s compulsory superannuation in full. There is also a strong push to prevent individuals from using their superannuation to buy a house. This has been a contentious issue that has divided opinion between the Labor and Coalition parties.

To Withdrawal or to not Withdrawal from Superannuation?

You might recall, that during the pandemic, Australians were allowed to withdraw up to $20,000 of their superannuation to help with their living expenses. However, since then this policy has resulted in a significant depletion of retirement savings for many hardworking Australians. In Treasurer of Australia, Jim Chalmers speech to the financial services industry, he referred to this as a “messy ideologically motivated approach” that led to the early release debacle. He also made a strong and contentious point that Australians were forced to choose between better incomes for retirement or paying their bills, leading to the liquidation of assets and the loss of $36 billion in retirement savings within the sector. Chalmers emphasized that the government would now take a different approach, which involves legislating a clear purpose for people’s retirement savings.

Moreover, HESTA Chief Executive Debbie Blakey also stated that superannuation savings should be for retirement purposes and not used for buying a home. She argued that although it may seem like an easy fix, access to super to deal with the housing crisis could actually worsen the situation in the long term. She also warned that early access to superannuation could lead to individuals not having enough funds in their retirement, leaving them more reliant on government support in their retirement. Stressing the importance of addressing the underlying issues causing the housing crisis, rather than relying on a quick fix of accessing superannuation.

The government’s move to overhaul the superannuation sector is a significant one, as retirement savings play a crucial role in the financial well-being of Australians. With this new legislation, the government aims to ensure that people’s retirement savings are used for their intended purpose, i.e., providing long-term financial security during retirement, not for short-term benefits such as paying for their current living expenses.

The proposed superannuation overhaul is a welcome move that will help protect Australia’s retirement savings. While the policy is likely to face opposition from some quarters, it is an important step towards ensuring that people’s retirement savings are used for their intended purpose. With the right reforms, Australia can create a robust and sustainable superannuation system that provides security and peace of mind for all Australians in their retirement years.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Australians, with many having to make difficult decisions to stay afloat financially. One of these decisions may have been to withdraw a substantial amount of your superannuation savings to pay short-term debts. While this may have been necessary at the time, it is important to review your financial goals and strategies now that things have somewhat stabilised.

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